Big Night Beauty

Prom beauty

Head-to-toe tips on getting gorgeous for the prom date or wedding event. Ultimate guide to drop dead gorgeous.

  • Avoid boogie-induced blisters by breaking in your shoes way before the big night. As soon as you decide on the perfect pumps, slingbacks, stilletos or whatever, start practicing them one hour each day with socks.
  •  Smooth hands are a date/prom priority. try this recipe the night before: Mix a half cup of sea salt oil withh a half cup of oil and massage it all over your hands for 1 minute. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Next, slather on a superthick moisturizer (try loccitane hand cream php450), then slip on a pair of cotton gloves (beauty supply stores) and hit the sack. The gloves allow the cream to soak in while you sleep, so come morning, youre waking up with the softest paws on the planet.
photo by clumpsofmascara

Loccitane php450 Available at SM Megamall and Rustan’s Department Store

  •  if you want to coordinate your polish color with your outfit, thats cool, just dont match it exactly. Pick a polish a few shades lighter or darker for a way more chic look (try caronia PHP34 or Sally Hansen nail color PHP400)
  • Soft lips are a must, especially if youre expecting a good night kiss. to make your smacker smoochable, slather lips with petroleum jelly and, with an old toothbrush, rub in gently in circles to remove dry, flaky bits.
  •  Nothing opens up your eyes and pulls together a look better than perfectly plucked eyebrows. if you are a beginner, let a pro shape them first, then you can take over the maintenance. Pluck only the hairs that grow back to maintain your new shape. (try Browhouse Studio)
  • Want gorgeous lips that look flirty and flushed without having to reapply your lip color, like, a zillion times? Use a lip stain. These inks impart a healthy wash of color that stays put (try Benefit,
  • Want to flash a great smile in your prom pics? A couple of weeks prior to the big night, start brushing your teeth with whitening toothbrush (try Colgate Optic White, Drugstores)
  •  Dont let fly away cramp your style. Instead of dousing on gobs of spray, grab an old toothbrush, lightly coat the bristles with a styling cream and wave it over unruly strands. Voila, a smooth style sans helmet head.
  • Prom is the perfect excuse to play up your lashes. Rather than fussing with false ones, try a new high-tech mascara infused with special stretchy fibers. One swipe and “mile-long” lashes are yours.
  • If youre having your hair done at salon take pictures of looks you like from magazines, so you and your stylist can select a style together, and do a test run. If you are doing it yourself, practice, practice, practice.
  • Dry, Flaky skin is not the accesory you had in mind. luckily. baby-soft limbs can be achieved after a few sessions with an exfoliating scrub. Slather on a handful to damp skin, rub it in circles, rinse with warm water and repeat every couple of days for a week (try Body Shop Body Scrub).

Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub Available at Body Shop

  • A big, bad blemish on prom day? Dont panic. First hold an ice cube on it for a few minutes to cut down on swelling. Next rub it with 1 percent hydrocortisone cream, then cover with a medicated concealer.
  • For shimmery shoulders that taste as sweet as they look, dust yourself with a kissable (as in flavored) sparkle-spiked scent
  • Want to add sparkle to your style? Spritz your locks with hairspray, then sprinkle ’em with loose glitter. When you hit the dance floor, your hair will light up with sexy shimmer. Or go for a hairspray that already all glittered.
  • Bad breath is a bummer. If you think yours is suspect, try this test: Lick your wrist, wait 10 seconds, then smell. If the spot stinks, so does your breath. No worries. Stash some breath helpers in your purse to use anywhere, anytime.
  •  No room in your bag for a lipstick? Pack a single use lip color on a plastic acetate. All you do is peel and press it between your lips or dab your pinky and apply it on your smacker.
  • The secret to a perfect updo? Simply skip the shampoo. Seriously. Dirty hair goes up easier and stays put longer.
  • Freshly coiffed hair is not something you want to pull it back from your face while applying your makeup, slide a folded tissue under your hair clips. This will prevent you from denting your do.

“Prom is a night for your personality to shine, not your face. the problem is that after dancing to a few songs, your skin can start to glisten brighter than a tiara. Keep oil sticks at bay by stashing a pack of blotting papers in your purse to mop up greases.”

Do you also have prom tips? please share it with us by dropping in the comment box below. ENJOY THE PARTY!

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