Adriana Lima’s Beauty Secret


In honor of today’s World Cup kickoff in Sao Paolo (and her 33rd birthday), Brazilian bombshell and Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima gives her perspective on hailing from the world’s most beautiful country.

Harper’s Bazaar: What does Brazilian beauty mean to you?

Adriana Lima: In Brazil, there isn’t just one beauty ideal. There’s a lot of emphasis on a woman’s natural beauty—but of course, Brazilian women love expressing their beauty through makeup.

Harper’s Bazaar: What do Brazilian women know about beauty that American women do not?

Adriana Lima: Brazilian women are taught to take care of themselves. They start their beauty routine at a young age, which is the key to aging beautifully.

Harper’s Bazaar: How do Brazilian women take care of their hair?

Adriana Lima: Avocado masks are very popular in Brazil. They add shine and moisture to your hair.

Harper’s Bazaar: What’s the most classic Brazilian makeup look?

Adriana Lima: Bright oranges, reds and pinks tend to complement a Brazilian’s skin tone. You can never go wrong with a classic bright lip paired with dewy skin.

Harper’s Bazaar: How do Brazilian women take care of their skin?

Adriana Lima: I drink at least one coconut water a day—it gives you that healthy, glowing skin. Juices with native fruits like acai and acerola are also amazing.

Harper’s Bazaar: What beauty products do you stock-up on when you’re back home?

Adriana Lima: Anything by Natura cosmetics. They make great products.

Harper’s Bazaar: What did your grandmother teach you about beauty?

Adriana Lima: If you’re comfortable in your own skin, you will feel beautiful—and look beautiful to others, too.

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