Bad Habits That Age Your Skin


Good evening lovies! I am very much proud of myself that Ive been very productive today since it Mr. Sunshine is out of the moment all I want to do is put my body in bed but naahh! I went outside been to drugstore and department store to look for a new baby that I am going to give a review very soon, So watch out! As I have passed the shelves of youth there is a lot of anti-aging products promising to reverse the clock, make you look 10 years younger “OH REALLY?!” I think that is too much for an advertisements, What really makes skin look younger? How do we deal with our skin as we aged? Tonight I am going to share you the habits that age our skin which I pledged to avoid. Here are some:

  1. Overzealous cleaning– Very clean skin feels nice and refreshing, but this is not included in anti-aging routine, since water and ingredients from our soaps or facial cleansers strips skin’s natural oils that keep it supple. If your skin is oily like me I wash my face twice a day, morning and at night with a gentle facial cleanser like iWhite Moisturizing Foam or cetaphil. And If you have dry skin wash it only at night before applying facial cream and serums.
  2. Applying products in a downward motion– As we age gravity is pulling our skin downwards and we cannot do anything about it, the result our skin sags, and we make it worst by applying products downward. The solution, just pat, pat, pat. and whenever you have to touch your face make it gently.
  3. Exposing your skin outside without a sunscreen– Applying sunscreen must always on the top of your beauty routine, Even everyday tasks like walking the dog, driving, can add up a major sun damage if you don’t protect yourself. My favorite sunscreen is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen SPF50 (PHP450) and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF50 (PHP499) for my body. I really love this Neutrogena sunscreen 2000% I will do a review about this product very soon.
  4. Slouching at work– As much as possible I always keep my back rested on the chair for slouching contribute on sagging of skin. Always mind your posture.
  5. Skipping your workouts– I know we are all busy at work or at home doing household chores and tend to ignore the habit of exercising. Exercise improves blood flow to skin making it look and feel healthy and glowing, it also releases toxins from our bodies by sweating. So I always do a 30 min exercise each day whenever I dont have time to hit the gym and meet my instructor. yoga, spinning, dance, aerobics is also good for our skin, body and health.

Oh and by the way just a friendly reminder, just to add a few habits that aged our skin is smoking and consuming too much alcohol, lack of sleep and stress has a big factor on contributing to skin damage. Stay beautiful and youthful and do not forget to SMILE 🙂

How about you ladies? Do you have tips on how to avoid aging? leave it in the box below.

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