5 Essential Lip Colors


Estee Lauder, Burberry, Clinic, Loreal, Mary kay, Maybelline. Name it I got all of these lipstick brand in my collection. Upon digging into my make up case I realized I almost got 3-4 lipsticks of the same shade! Whatta! Only make up addict can understand me. But let us talk about the essential shades of lip colors every woman should have. Count 1 to 5, And you have got the lip shades for every season.

  1. Seductive Red- Red represents desire and passion when it comes to fashion it is classy, sultry, and bold and sexy. Choose the right shade of red that compliments your skintone from bright red to deep red. If applied properly youre surely look glamorous just like Marilyn Monroe, timeless and classic arrive. Tip: Red lip color may be tricky to apply, Use lip brush upon application to ensure there wont be any bleeding.

  2. Appealing Nude- Nude color represents natural beauty, light and fresh. No wonder nude lip color is a must. Nude colors ranges mostly likely skin toned lip colors to mauve (nude pale pink) is perfect to most dress color. This will make your lips set at anytime without making it the center of attraction. Nude Lips is perfect for smokey or bold eye make up, perfect for balancing the color weight on the face. tip: When wearing heavy bold eye make up, avoid bright and bold lip color. Nude lippies will do the trick.

  3. Pretty Pink- Just like red hues, pink shades defines a sweet and powerful feminity. Its informal arrive is perfect for meeting friends, night out, dates and even just walking along the shores. Shimmery shiny pink hues is great for achieving glamorous look. Perfect for prom and wedding. There is no limitation on using pink lip colors if you could find the right shade for your skin dream tone.

  4. Luscious Berry- This shade will never run out in my makeup case as my skin is medium brown. I find it so flattery and compliment my tone so very well, for fair and porcelain skin this is great option if you dont feel like wearing deep reds. Berry lip color ranges from deep cherry red to deep plum colors. It gives a fierce and mystic look. Additional tip for deep brown to medium brown skin tone deeper berry colors is great and for fair skin to white lighter and brighter berry color suits best. Dont be afraid to try and discover new lippies.

  5. Alluring Peach- light peace to orangey peach to coral colors is perfect for summer and spring. Its light color enhance subtle and playful look. It could be worn at school or any outdoor events without calling an attention to your lips.


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