Evening Perfect by Bobbie


Bobbie Nail Creme “Evening Perfect”

I am a big fan of expensive nail lacquers, But when Im feeling like shopping at drugstores I drool like a cat over the nail colors in the shelves I wanna buy them all. Buying at drugstores is a sweet treat for myself and one of the great finds is BOBBIE Nail Creme. Bobbie offers a variety of colors from confetti glittery polish to skintone hues to velvety colors and the most of my favorite the plum and deep red colors. My picks for the “Evening Perfect” by Bobbie Nail Creme are 1. Classy 2. Foxy 3. Vamp and 4. Cafe all these colors are perfect for any kind of skintone.


The shade name says a lot about the product “classy”. I admit this is my top favorite shade in Bobbie Premium Nail Creme, It matches every dress perfectly. Since it ranges in plum shades it suits my medium-brown skin tone, it even made my hands lighter for it has a darker shade. Perfect for going out on a date or any evening party.

Bobbie Nail Creme "Classy"

Bobbie Nail Creme “Classy”



The darker shade of Classy. Foxy is more elegant than Classy because it has a deeper shade. Almost close to a dark violet grape. I love wearing this nail creme on saturday night. Fantastically beautiful on my hands, you too should try on this shade, It is worth it.

Bobbie Nail Creme "Foxy"

Bobbie Nail Creme “Foxy”



Red just a like rose. Vamp is perfect to wear on celebrating anniversaries with your special someone, Because red stimulates senses. I too wore this color when we celebrate our 3rd year anniversary with my hubby, It is just crazily sexy. Tip: match red nails with a lighter shade of red dress.

Bobbie Nail Creme "Vamp"

Bobbie Nail Creme “Vamp”



Simple yet elegant thats what the bottle of Cafe says. The skintone color with a touch of beige compliments beautifully tan toned skin. I wore this color in my toes on my cousin’s wedding it matches perfectly my pearl white stiletto.image_4

So these are my picks for the “Evening Perfect” nail shades, Just play around with the colors, mix and match. Here’s why I will try the other shades too:

What I like about this nail color:
-Inexpensive, Only PHP36/bottle.
-Elegant and playful nail colors.
-Available at local market.
-Offers a variety of shades.
-Nail brush is fine to stroke.
-Nail colors and its shine amazingly lasts for a week, Sounds great right?

What I don’t like about this nail color:
-None. Totally amazing!

TELL US: Have you tried Bobbie Nail Creme? What is your most favorite shade?

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