Radiant Mask by Watsons

Radiant & Brightening Moisturizing Facial Mask by Watsons

Ive been addicted to facial masks these past few months because I find it easy-to-use treat for my face, very handy I can bring while travelling, soothing during rest time, and a one-step facial ritual. Who would not love facial masks? even the ancient queen Cleopatra loves it. So my third facial mask that I am going to give a review is Radiant & Brightening Moisturizing Facial Mask by Watsons, aside from its cute and girl packaging that caught my attention my cousin once introduced this to me as she gave a good feedback so why not give it a try. I wanna see if this mask could make my face smooth and hydrated too. So here is my feedback:

Radiant & Brightening Moisturizing Facial Mask by Watsons
with arbutin, vitamin B3, and natural plant extract


Before opening the pack, I washed my face thoroughly and pat dry. went straight to bed to put on the mask, the feeling is great and smell is lovely, the essence is just fine, I can feel that my skin absorbed the product quickly. This is recommended for daily use, but for me i wont use this everyday because it is kinda expensive when you buy for like whole month. Once or twice a week can do. This is a good product I can say. I will purchase again.

Price: PHP55.75/pack
Where to buy: Watsons
Quantity: 1mask/pack

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