My Philips Epilator

Hi ladies! its been 2 weeks since my last post. And I am happy to say that I am back here writing a review about my Philips Satinelle Hp6400 Epilator I bought last december 2013, for those who have not heard of Epilator before, Epilator is an electrical device used to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out. The way in which epilators pull out hair is similar to waxing, although unlike waxing, they do not remove cells from the epithelium of the epidermis. There are other brands of Epilators like Braun, Philips, Epilady, Panasonic depending on your budget, Braun is the most expensive brand and the best-selling brand in the globe. Philips is the only epilator brand available in the Philippines. So after a month of researching I decided to buy one at SM Appliance Center, It costs me PHP2500 take note this is the cheapest Epilator of Philips for it has only one head included in the model, Other Philips Epilator models has two kinds of head in one set which is designed for bikini line and face, Philips Hp6400 is only ideal for armpits, legs, and arms. So why Epilator? I am a regular customer of waxing salon like Lay Bare and California Nails (Greenhills) but I switched to epilating because with Epilators, it helps me achieve beautiful and silky smooth underarms, arms, legs and (do i have to mention down there?just kidding) in a breeze. Anytime, anywhere except in the shower (haha*) If you want an epilator that you could use in the shower well that is a different story you need Wet and Dry Epilator like Panasonic. So here is my review for Philips Satinelle Hp6400

Philips Satinelle Epilator Hp6400

The Packaging Philips Satinelle Hp6400

The Packaging Philips Satinelle Hp6400

The Packaging Philips Satinelle Hp6400

The Packaging Philips Satinelle Hp6400

How to use an epilator
find a place where you could sit comfortably. The hair that you wish to epilate must atleast 5mm just like in waxing the minimum and ideal measure of hair. Do not go less than 5mm. If it is your first time epilating or never been waxed before I suggest to relax, take a deep breath. then turn on the switch to number 1 or number 2 depending on the coarse of the hair (Do not panic! I know the sound of epilator is scary something you dont want to get near onto your skin, Even I am used to plucking and waxing I got nervous it might wound my skin LOL)  and hold the epilator at a 90 degree angle from your skin. Do not push it onto the skin too hard, it will hover close to the skin for a few seconds. And you feel the hair being plucked out. Just move it gently onto the skin. Tip: Before using epilator it is a must to exfoliate before doing the session. Apply a dust of baby powder on the skin prior to epilating. Powder will help the hair to stand.


The Epilator

The Epilator

The Epilator

How painful is it?
If you are used to waxing, using epilator should just be a piece of cake. For those who havent waxed before it stings a little as it pulls hair and this probably hurt. A lot. that is why it is strongly recommended to exfoliate and moisturize the skin, and a hot shower prior to epilating so the skin and hair are softened and the pores, open.

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How to take care of skin after epilating?
Based on my own experience I never applied any lotion or cream right after the session. I dont want to mess with my open pores due to the hair being pulled. But I read somewhere that there is a cream for epilating and sad to say none is available at my local stores.  Wait for 24 hours before you wash the area that have been epilated. If i failed to moisturize and exfoliate the day and before epilating red bumps typically appears on my skin. So in order to avoid this dilemma make sure to include scrubbing in your daily bath routine.

How long for the hair to grow back?
I epilate every 2-3 weeks depending on the growth of your hair. But since the hair was pulled out by the roots the following growth of hair is softer and finer. Not bad right? I dont have to go back waxing salon again and spend hundreds or thousand of bucks ever again. I just love the savings.

How to clean the head?
The head attachment of Satinelle is pop and lock mechanism. Just slide to the right and poof the head separated from the body. Just run the head into a running water (you may add a little liquid soap) with a gentle rub onto the discs. DO NOT WASH THE BODY! Just reminding you. after the hair washed by the water, dry it with cotton cloth and let the air dry. once dry attach to the body again. Ready for another fight!

My advice
Before you purchase an epilator. You must have to do a little research in the internet, or even ask some of your girlfriends. On my own opinion Philips Satinelle Hp6400 is great if this will be your first time to get rid your unwanted hair, the price is pretty fair for a reputable brand. there are other bloggers who conduct a review about this. Sum up all their thoughts and experiences regarding this gadget so you could study if this little monster will fit your beauty routine and lifestyle. For me i rate this FIVE STAR 🙂

What other blogger says about epilating?

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Model: Philips Satinelle Hp6400
Price: PHP2500
Where to buy: Watsons/ Sm Appliance Center

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