Inglot Philippines: Makeover by Regie Escolin

Gee! I am so excited to meet this professional makeup artist of MUFE Paris and an in-house inglot philippines makeup artist Miss Regie Escolin which I met 4 years ago through my modelling shoot with Illuminati. We’ve done some make over session for photo shoot and other collaborations before, so Miss Regie did me make over like a piece of cake, She already knew how to handle my face, gigles*. Using Inglot make ups Miss Regie chooses my palette in their wide range of colors displaying at their make up bar. Im getting more excited!* Busy taking photos I did not had a chance to take note of the shades she uses on me huhubells 😦 All i know is that Inglot is very pigmented and blend very well on my skin and I am confident to say all Inglot lip colors and eye colors suits on me hahaha CHARAUGHT!, Inglot product does not feel heavy on skin. Going back to Miss Regie I like the way she stroke her brush onto my skin it is so gentle yet paying more attention on the details. We chit-chat about stuffs and life while doing her thing on my face. One thing I noticed is the staffs in Inglot are all friendly and not intimidating so I really had fun covering up their store. After the “close your eyes”, “look up” finally my Inglot makeover is finished. Take a good look:


tuduuhh! my inglot makeover. So what do you think of my look? YAY or NAY?

From haggard to this super model-ish look. WOW just WOW! and OH! did I mention that this makeover is just very quick but look at the result Miss Reg did a good job choosing the shades. This look is an Evening Perfect since I requested to Miss Regie to do an evening look. Smokey gold eyes. I think the lip color really suits my skin tone very well, I will do a review next time on my lip color perfect for morena gals. I love it very much ❤ A BIG CHECK!


Okay! I am done of being vain on this review haha, If you want to know more about Inglot Philippines read my previous article here. See you real soon ladies and gents (if I have any guy readers) ROLF! Let me know what you think of my make up comment down below. SMILE!

credits to Professional Make Up Artist Miss Regie Escolin of MUFE Paris and In house Make Up Artist of Inglot Philippines and to the other staff who took a photo of us 😉 and thank you Inglot Philippines.

Love, Athena


5 responses to “Inglot Philippines: Makeover by Regie Escolin

    • hi lena, its not me who did the make up, shes a pro make up artist and now shes in inglot, as far as i remember the eye make up is just regular eye shadows and an eyeshadow brush. ^^

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