Inside Inglot Philippines: A Hundred Colors


Professional Makeup Artist Regie Escolin of Inglot Philippines

Professional Makeup Artist Regie Escolin of Inglot Philippines


Its me! sitting on Inglot’s Throne. Wandering at Inglot’s Palace

Credits to my Professional Makeup Artist, Miss Regie Escolin of Inglot Philippines. I feel lucky to get a chance for a make over and have a freedom to showcase and try their products. Inglot Philippines is located at Ground Floor of  Glorietta 5. Im a Shangri-la and Greenbelt gal for almost 2 years and because of Inglot I have been visiting  Glorietta ROLF!* I love the way Inglot Philippines designed their store for maximizing the space very well. The Make up bar is so enticing, it seduced and hypnotized me while shooting. I wish I could bring them all home with me, Well I guess it will injure my bank big time before that happen. Before I proceed with their make up descriptions let me give you a quick overview about Inglot brand.

About Inglot

Founded over 30 years ago in a small town of Przemyśl, INGLOT Cosmetics is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers in colour cosmetics. INGLOT currently has a presence at all major beauty happenings and events around the globe, from the runways of Fashion Week to the stages and sets of TV and Broadway musicals. INGLOT succeeded in combining the latest scientific technology with intense and vibrant colours. Every product consists of high-quality ingredients and is being sold at fair prices. All INGLOT cosmetics are produced within the European union and 95% of them are manufactured in INGLOT’s own state of the art facilities.



Lipstick starts at PHP895






OMG! staring at the Nails Section feels like heaven, it has a lot of colors and different shades it looks like candy I wanna eat them all! My heart is beating so fast, this nail lacquers gave me a mild stroke! Inglot has two kinds of nail polish the regular one and the o2m breathable nail polish. The o2m nail polish has a lot of benefits for the nails and great for pregnant women because chemicals are less. Nail polish starts at 400pesos and up





Inglot has a wide range of liquid and powder foundation. From sheer to full coverage. Regular foundation to medicated one. what makes Inglot foundation special is they have the darkest shade of brown perfect for olive skin and contouring. liquid foundation starts at PHP1,195


Cream blush in a screw-top pan. creme rich blush it looks perfect for dewy look. starts at PHP500.

DSC_0473Shimmers and Bronzers prices starts at PHP1,200


Freedom Palette- Inglot is globally known for freedom palette. Gives you the liberty to customize the color and makeup. Eyeshadow starts at PHP395


Make up Brushes

I fell in love with the brushes. Believe it or not Inglot Brushes are not that expensive like what you think. Check and visit Inglot to see it for yourself. ROLF!*

DSC_0477 DSC_0480

I wont get tired taking pictures of this brand, In fact I would love to live in here and that’s for sure.  I am so excited to purchase more of Inglot makeup products, oh please mother be kind to me with a puppy eyes* LOL! of course covering Inglot Philippines does not end here and there, check out my next post for my Inglot make over by Professional Makeup Artist Miss Regine Escolin of Inglot Philippines. Here is a picture of me with her. SMILE!!

CSC_0510me with miss regie escolin. thank you very much. xoxo

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