Olay Age Protect Review


Hello my loves, it is already pass midnight and I am still alive and kicking and blogging LOL!* Before I hit my sack I just wanna share my thoughts about this product Olay Age Protect Anti-Aging Cream, What? Anti-aging??? Am I serious about this? uhh yes? I am only twenty-two years old but you can find this product in my bag, in my bathroom and in my dresser. It is not a sin to be committed on anti-aging products as early as you hit 20’s like what most of the doctors and people say “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” why not? I love exploring products especially when anti-aging is in the line. I am a self-conscious lady. ahem! hehe LOL! back on reviewing this product been using this for over one year and all I can say that this product is effective on continuous usage. it gradually lighten my dark pimple marks thought it isnt fast like any other product in but if you use this gracefully you’ll see an improvement on your dark pimple mark. What only made me stopped using this is because this olay cream is oil-based moisturizer huhu* 😦 not a good idea for oily skin like me. So for over a year of using this I only apply this every night when my air conditioned is on haha*LOL but over all i love this product it did its job very well.

What the product says?

  • Lighten dark spots
  • Visibly reduces wrinkles
  • Improve skintone


  • lightens my dark pimple marks gradually
  • a great moisturizer cream
  • even out my skintone
  • great for dry skin


  • oil-base moisturizer (not good for oily skin)
  • a bit sticky on skin when applied too much product
  • not a good idea for oily skin to apply during the day

Price: PHP130

Quantity: 18g

Where to buy: Skin Care Section Department Store, Watsons, Supermarkets

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