My DIY Lightening Lip Scrub—Yummy

Dry, chapped lips is not in my vocabulary. They say my lips are one of my assets (insert smug emoticon here) So, I take care of my smacker as much as possible. Excessive use of different kinds of lip colors and tint will result to darkening of skin lips (Guilty here) and not wearing lip balm with sunscreen will make the darkening more worse. Petroleum jelly or Vaseline are great for soothing dry, chapped lips read more here. After few days of research, I gathered all the ingredients and procedure on making DIY lightening lip scrub—if you’re gonna ask me why would I exert effort on making lip scrub if I could just buy at beauty store my answer is simple—No harsh ingredients, no chemicals like parabens and phtalates (great right?) You could find the ingredients at your kitchen or just around the house. I always make this by batches and distributing it to my girlfriends and some members of the clan—How sweet am I? Let’s start making this DIY Lightening Lip Scrub.

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DIY Ligthtening Lip Scrub

Ingredients and things we need:

  1. Brown Sugar- Use brown sugar because its granules are bigger than white sugar—which is perfect ingredients for making scrubs.


    sugar, photo by athena saxena

  2. Honey- honey are naturally anti-bacterial and full of anti-oxidants, extremely moisturizing and soothing that creates a glow.


    honey, photo by athena saxena

  3. Lemons to squeeze out lemon juices- Lemon juice is popular for its lightening properties and has exfoliating properties that helps to remove dead skin cells and dried skin.
    lemons, lemons for diy lip scrub

    lemons, photo by athena saxena

    4. Clean small jar and a stirrer- Small jar could be either plastic or glass one whichever is available. Do not forget a stirrer it could be any stick. In my case, I’ve got a lot of Gerber jars and I find it perfect for this project

    small clean jar and stirrer, photo by athena saxena

    small clean jar and stirrer, photo by athena saxena

    Directions on making DIY lightening Lip Scrub:

Squeeze the lemons to take out the lemon juice, once lemon juice is prepared mix the other ingredients (sugar and honey) then add the lemon juice and stir until it reached the equal consistency. Personally I do not have any measurements for the sugar, honey and lemon juice, I just mix ingredients altogether until i reached my desired consistency. No limitations in here you can always adjust according to your liking. The ideal consistency is not too think and not to watery. just like this:

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lip scrub, photo by athena saxena

DIY are always fun, I never got disappointed in any of my DIY projects like coffee body scrub, dry shampoo and many more. I will share with you some of it on some other time (insert happy face here coz I am really) I hope you find this project interesting.

Q: Where is the best place to keep this lip scrub?
A: Refrigerator. My usual storage of my DIY and other beauty products are inside refrigerator, especially if the main ingredients can be eaten. But if you are living in cold place maybe room temperature will do.

Q: Will this recipe lighten my dark lips?
A: My response to this question will be base on my experience, I am on my third week of regularly using this recipe and what I noticed are—my lips stays smooth and moisturized, no chapped skin resulting to healthy looking lips. It gave a subtle glow on my smacker. Turning my lips with a flush of red.

Q: Is it better to apply oil after lip scrubbing?
A: Yes, for some beauty guru, applying oil on lips (like castor oil, almond oil and sunflower oil) gives them a maximum effect of total smoothness and moisture. I use sunflower oil by human nature in this case.

Diy beauty products are fun to do, you can control everything, experiment and innovate. This DIY lightening lip scrub is a must try.

love, Athena

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