My Awesome Clinique Moisture Surge Review


My Clinique Moisture Surge. photo by athena saxena

My Clinique Moisture Surge. Photo by Athena Saxena

Good morning everyone—especially to my fellow beautiful filipino youth. I am currently on the state of boredom since yesterday—I know and it’s sucks bigtime! But I do not let bad vibes kill my joy, so I am trying to focus on my vlogging since my readers and followers are so being good to me these past few days—Thanks you girls! and boys? (insert laugh here) I too, love reading and following other vloggers, I love gathering info about beauty and makeup stuffs (hehe!) So Anyways, going back to what I am giving a review which is the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief—I am just soooo addicted to it.

Clinique Moisture Surge. Photo by Athena Saxena

My Clinique Moisture Surge. Photo by Athena Saxena

Product Description Rapid long lasting hydration in a refreshing oil-free gel. Fast absorbing formula with active aloe delivers a burst of moisture. Smooth, softens, plumps up fine dry lines. Locks in moisture all day with advanced hydration technology. Unique moisture balancing system helps skin better resist dehydration despite drastic shift in humidity. Use whenever, wherever needed, use under or over makeup. Or as a 5 minute moisture mask. For all skin types.

How to use 

  • Use after 3-step, or anytime skin needs a moisture.
    – Use daily for immediate moisture. 
    – Use under or over makeup. 
    – Or use as a 5-minute mask, massage onto clean skin until it fully absorbs.

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My Clinique Moisture Surge. Photo by Athena Saxena

My Clinique Moisture Surge. Photo by Athena Saxena

This moisturizer, or should I say magic pink gel is really amazing, I can’t live without it—What makes it more amazing? it’s suitable for all skin types YAY! oil-free, fragrant-free and super hydrating. I am so happy I came across with this product. Clinique moisturizer’s line are the best among the rest just like my oh-so favorite eye cream—read review here

There are many raves about this product—coz it’s really fantastic. I love to apply this product everytime I stepped out of the shower to lock in the moisture and amazingly it lasts the whole day plus it never gave me any break out nor any skin problem just awesome, isn’t wonderful? Living in Philippines is kinda tough for my skin because of the drastic change in humidity—it will rain in the morning, hot in the afternoon and cold at night (geez! this is tough), so choosing skin care product is hard for me—happy I got clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief.

Price PHP2,500 Quantity 1.7oz/50ml Where to buy: Clinique Boutique—Sm Megamall/Rustan’s Department Store

Links to product Clinique / Sephora

Let me here your Clinique Moisture Surge story. Comment down below

love, Athena

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