Body Treats Grape Seed Body Oil Review

I was looking for Neutrogena Body Oil Sesame Seed when I went Watsons the last day, but so so sad the branch run out of stockーI want to burn them (just kidding! giggles) So my PHP700 budget on Neutrogena Body Oil turned out to be PHP120 only! There are no other body oils available but this PHP120 Body treats Grape Seed Body Oilー it look good and nice so I gave it a go. Not all of us are using body oils, some dont like the idea of putting oils onto their bodies, and for those using body oils everyone has their own style of using body oilsーlike before shower, after shower, before hitting the sack, and as a substitute to lotions and moisturizers. But for me I use body oils prior to shower.

 Body Treats Grape Seed Oil Moisturizing Review

What does the product says Grape Seed Body Oil Moisturizing by Body Treats. Grape seed oil added for that special glide and nourished touch.
Directions for use Apply liberally all over the body.
Ingredients Mineral Oil (OH-NO! Mineral Oil or Liquid Petroleum—I am so not into this Ingredient), Isopropyl Myristate, Fragrance, Colorants, Grape Seed Oil.
Price PHP120 Quantity 250ml Where to Buy Watsons/SM SupermarketsIMG_7063My experience in using the product The oil is thinner than I thought, This Body Treats Grape Seed Body Oil is my third body oil I bought so farーthe first one is Clarins Huile de Tonic which I never run out (I love this forever) and the second one is Sunflower Oil by Human Nature (I so so love this next to Clarins Huile de Tonic, coz it is cheap and 100% sunflower oil) setting this aside, going back to Body Treats Grape Seed Oilー as i’ve mentioned already this is thinner than my other body oils which is good because my skin can easily absorbs the oil but on the other side is a bit downtime coz I can’t feel and see the oil on my skin which isn’t good to be skin barrier prior to a very hot shower (other people like me use body oil prior to shower to act as a skin barrier from the drying effect of hot shower especially in the cold or winter time). So this Body treats Grape Seed Body Oil is much better to be apply after shower to lock in moisture, however there are lots of much much better body oils in the beautyscene that you and me could choose from, Even this oil doesn’t suit my shower routine and my BIGGEST CONCERN (mineral oil in the ingredients), I still appreciate and like it the way it is, plus the scent is so so light. I’ll just use this on the sole of my feet whenever it is dry and flaky. Im eyeing on Neutrogena Body Oil Sesame Seed Next time I hope to see the best on it.
Pros Inexpensive body oil for 250ml. Available at Watsons. Light grapeseed scent. Easily absorbs by skin. Moisturizing.
Cons Mineral Oil is the main ingredient. Oil consistency is thin.
How about you? Do you use any body oils? if so tell me how was it, Because like you, I am still exploring to get the maximum benefits from it. Comment down below and share it to me and to readers.

Love, Athena

4 responses to “Body Treats Grape Seed Body Oil Review

  1. Hi. Do you know where establishments sells body treats grapeseed oil. Im in to this also. Sad to say, Watsons phase them out. And Landmark doesnt sell it. I search through IG but i am afraid its not as effective as this. And its a lot expensive which cost 250php per 100ml. Pls help! Your reply will be appreciated.

  2. hi, where can i buy Clarins Huile de Tonic and how much is the cost? Thank you. I was able to purchase grape seed body ( the maker is from Trinoma (stall along National Book Store).

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