It’s winter time in my bedroom and christmas is on its way, Im so happy! I just love it. I gave myself a nice top to toe spa in the comfort of my home, it includes a hairspa treatment with keratin hot oil and moroccan argan oil mask, a green mask clean with envy by Bloomーthis is my review for taahdaay!, Bath and body scrub Boutique by Grace Cole, and a mani and pedi using cutex nail cremeーyou’ve got to check out my instagram so many beauty bits in there. It took me 2 hours in the shower haha and 1 hour doing my own mani and pediーdid my my very best. Setting this aside I want to share one of my favorite face maskーClean with envy green mask by Bloom that I bought from Beauty Bar.

It was the tub design that caught my attention. I love beauty products that has an “out-of-the-box” designs. Bad packaging design will make the product suffer, unless it is really good. I think I could recycle the tub when it is finish. A good tub for my diy body scrub or body butterーI am so excited. What do you think? IMG_7267What the product says Bloom Clean With Envy, Green Mask. Helps clear clogged pores & eliminate dirt from skin Contains Kaolin Clay Sweet Almond Oil & Rosehip Oil for nourishment Formulated with Petigrain & Lavender essential oils for calming & soothing Skin appears clean & purified Ideal for all skin types
Ingredients Kaolin Clay, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil, Lavander Essential Oils.
Directions for use Apply a generous amount of clay mask onto face and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse face thoroughly with favorite facial wash.
Price PHP900+ Quantity 100g Where to buy in Philippines Beauty Bar / Check your nearest Beauty Bar Store Here IMG_7280 My experience in using the product First thing I noticedーa little seems goes a long way. I just use my clean and dry fingertips on spreading the clay mask onto my face then I always use a seperate small spatula in scooping the productーDon’t want to contaminate the rest of the product. The smell is light, no strong fragrant at all. I use this once to thrice a week depending on my schedule. So the tub will surely last long. I usually make it stay for about 15-30 minutes. What i like is it don’t get too hard on your face as if your skin will gonna crackーa big bonus for me. Like what I’ve mentioned always my skin is oily and acne prone but this clay didn’t gave me any break outs or any other skin problem because It is mild and does not sting which is great for sensitive skin type skin. It is gentle, great in making your face clean and smooth, that you would want to use it everydayーa great tip for pampering your face at home. I just so love it that I share it with you guys right away. It diminishes the stress on my face when I’m feelin tired and sleepless.
Hey girl! Connect with me in facebook and let’s talk beauty day and night by clicking here See you there!IMG_7282Pros Mild and gentle. Does not sting. When applied, product does not harden too much, you can still talk, smile LOL. Ideal for any skin types. Great for oily and acne prone skin. Great in cleansing and renewing the face. Can smoothen and soften skin. Indeed a quality skin care.
Cons Nothing. Maybe the price. If your budget is tight then buying this product will crack your purse.
My final recommendation I am no expert in facial masks but this Bloom clean with envy green mask is worth trying. If you are in a tight budget you could try and check out the St. Ives Timeless Mineral Clay for around more or less PHP200, it is there version of kaolin clay mask. I tried this too, it is good but i am more in love with Bloom green mask. Hope this helps. YaaY! Check my other facial masks like Beauty Buffet and Watson’s Radiant Mask.

Ladies for those who tried this product how was it?

love, athena.


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