Follow Me UV White 02 Advanced Renewal Gel

A japanese friend of mine gave me some beauty stuffs and other some kikay junkies from her hometown (●・~)/ーeverything are awesome. I was so curious about this Follow Me Uv White O2 Advancedーit looks interesting. At first I’ve no idea what this Uv White Advanced Renewal Gel is, I haven’t heard this brand before. Even it has a description at the back I wanted to be sure enough. After asking her what on earth is Follow Me Uv White Advanced Renewal Gel, and some googling movesーit is dead skin cell remover and more likely an anti-aging and lightening product for the face. Sounds good right? And I tried it right away then.


Follow Me by TOHTONKU Company Overview
Quality Products and Trademarks
The Follow Me Group offers a comprehensive range of personal care and household products that are developed in Japan, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. While a number of these products are marketed under familiar trademarks, they all come with the assurance of excellent quality and value for money.
These brands have found a growing market in the South East Asian region and are now extremely popular in Algeria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Laos, Mauritius, Nigeria, Philippine, Vietnam, Thailand and of course in Malaysia.

IMG_7244What the product says Follow Me UV White O2 Advanced Renewal Gel. Paraben free Exfoliant and Blackheads Remover. O2 Advanced Skincare System it packs all benefits of oxygen to revive everycell for superior anti-ageing properties. Coupled with an advanced Vitamin C to whiten skin and combat pigmentation.
Further infused with Grapeseed Extract and Retinol to enhance skin repair, collagen regeneration and keep away wrinkles, blackheads, dull skin and acne.
Directions for use Massage the gel over dry face in circular motion and wash it off with your preferable facial cleanser. I used this first religiously every day for 7days. After that, just twice a week for maintenance.
Price $11.00 Quantity 60ml Where to buy in Philippines Not available at local market / Online shops

IMG_7252My experience in using this product I was skeptical at first if it could really remove dead skin cells by just scrubbing. Anyhow I still tried the product, squeezed out an ample amount of product, it has no harsh scent which is good but more like men’s cologne. This Follow Me UV White O2 Advanced is paraben free and their other line of product which is good. Going back in using this product, I scrub it gently onto my face with fingertips, as I scrub the product I can feel the dead skin cells rising upーEEeewy! I want to try this on the rest of my body (giggles). Indeed an excellent and effective product. Right now I don’t have any blackheads so I don’t know if it could really remove blackheads. So this product really worksーit rocks!.

IMG_7249Pros Paraben free. No harsh smell. Smells like men’s cologne. Excellent in removing dead skin cells. Easy to scrub on skin. Not so expensive won’t burn your pocket.
Cons Not available at local market. Hard to find when you live in Philippines.

So what do you think of this product? Have you tried this? let me hear from you

love, Athena

6 responses to “Follow Me UV White 02 Advanced Renewal Gel

  1. Hi I already tried this once when i was still in the Philippines, how can i buy this? Im in Arizona, USA right now. Is it possible to shipped this product on my location?

  2. I love this product. I live in Singapore for 6 years and I used this many times. When I came to Canada I can’t find this product, luckily one of my friend in Singapore send this as a present. I will rate this product 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Can’t find in other countries except SG

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