Careline Lip & Cheek Tint

Goodsunny Philippines! The clock struck 1 and I’m enjoying my smoothieーyeah!. Something bad happened last weekendーI lost my Benetint, Sounds awful right? But I moved on, and life must go on. There was this event party that my makeup peg requires lip and cheek tint, I only had one left lip and cheek tintーthat is the benetint but I’d lost it. No time to go Shangrila so i headed to Watsons instead, to look for temporary lip and cheek tint. And I spotted this Careline Lip and Cheek Tint in Berry Red shade (one shade only). I was looking for a tester to swatch it on my wrist but unlucky they don’t have any tester, Anyhoo we can’t demand for a cheap brand. Products with no tester is more like “Buy at your own risk”, But it is pretty cheap so I expect I won’t be heart broken if this end up in the trash or maybe my nanny would love thisーjust a thought. So no more questions asked I bought it and went back home.


What the product says Careline Lip & Cheek tint.
Directions for use Dab a little amount using the applicator and blend.
Price PHP95.00/$2 Quantity 3ml Where to buy in Philippines 7eleven/Watson’s/Mercury/Supermarkets careline2 My experience on using the product It is a screw type of lock with an applicatorーmy concern is it might contaminate the rest of the product but I dont mind so much most cosmetic products comes like this. anyhooo, the smell isn’t that bad however when you accidentally taste the tint while dabbing on your lips, taste is really bad, but it is okay lip tints isn’t intended to eat and taste afterall. When it comes to product’s performance I can say that the quality is good, without a doubt I can compare this to body shop, benetint, and some branded lip & cheek tint. Staying power is good. tint color blends beautifully onto skin, however its red tint has an orange undertone. Over all it is good and “sulit”. If they have pink shade I will rate this five star, unfortunately it has only one color.

careline3 Pros Cheap. Easy to purchase available almost everywhere. The tint is berry red with orange undertone. Pink shade could be achieve if applied very thinly. Easy to carry.
Cons Available at one shade only. tastes bad.

What do you think about this product baby?

Love, Athena

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