Echostore Body Basics Spa in a Bottle



I spritzed a small amount of oil on my palms and smelled, it is similar to vicks vapor rub but lighter versionー good thing this doesnt smell like an oitment. I could feel the coolness of peppermint. As Im having a slight cold due to weather I felt it cleared my nasal passages and felt a sudden relief on my sinus. I love the cooling effect of the oil, it loosened the tight muscles on my shoulders and back. Now I found a new bestfriend, a companion while traveling. It is indeed a spa in a bottleーanytime, anywhere.
IMG_8414Description of product The Great Reliever for congestion, stress, nausea, dizziness and just whenever you feel like taking a momentary spa break. 100% no harmful chemicals. Produced without animal testing.
Directions for use Spray a small amount on a palm of the hands. Cap hands to the nose and mouth area. Take a deep breath. Oil can be rubbed on nape area and temples of the head to relieve stress.
Ingredients VCO, Peppermint, Orange, Musk, Lavander
Shelf Life Consume the product within 12 months after opening.
Price PHP130.00/$3.00 Size 50ml Where to buy Echostore Serendra and Podium

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