Top-to-Toe Wonders of Olive Oils


Olive oils are not just only good for pasta– but also good for our skin, even on hair. Olive oils is known since the past many centuries– they even believe that Queen Cleopatra uses olive oil in her beauty rituals. Olive oils are great for dry skin– and does not cause allergic reactions. According to Oxford Journals one experiment on mice, the application of olive oil after sun exposure reduces skin cancer, for more further explanation read more here.

Olive oils has a lot of uses and surprises, it is very versatile. So it is not only good in the kitchen but also it deserves a space in our bathroom and vanity case. Keep in mind when looking for olive oils, look for the labels ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ this extra virgin olive oils are only processed once, has no added chemical and retain most of its nutrients. So give olive oil a shot.IMG_8450Uses of Olive Oils From Top-to-Toe

Hair Conditioner Heat olive oil in a pan, but not boiling. it should be nice warm. and pour to hair. Massage and spread throughout the hair. Wear shower cap and let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with shampoo, and towel dry. Now you have a non-frizz hair. Enjoy! Note: Olive oils are not friendly on fabrics so be sure to wear old shirt. 
Facial Moisturizer If you are one of those allergic to some products you might want to try olive oil as facial moisturizer. To do this wash face prior to olive oil application. Pat any excess oil with facial tissue
Eye Makeup Remover Use olive oil as a substitute from your branded eye make up remover. You can do this by transferring the olive oil to a mini glass bottle.
In-shower Oil if you are not used to body lotions and creams but suffering from dry skin due to sudden change in weather, Olive oils must be your hero. Apply olive oil after shower gel or soap when the skin is still damp, in order to lock moisture. Do not overdo, small amount of olive oil on palm goes a long way. You are good to go having soft and moisturized skin for long period of time.
Hands and Feet Softener You can change your old vaseline routine by using olive oils–toss that vaseline away. To do this massage olive oils on hands and wear gloves let it sit overnight, Do the same thing to your feet massage olive oils especially the sole area where dry and flaky skin are, and wear socks. Youll be having soft hands and feet the next morning.
IMG_8451Do you use olive oils on your beauty regimen? Share us some tips on how you use olive oils. I will share my experience in using olive oils on my next post. So stay tuned and Goodluck

love, athena

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