Make up look does not have to be limited according to our taste and style. This New Year, designers and artists are looking up to a bolder, shimmerer, and more dramatic look for the runwayーIf you are not into on this look, you could still experiment with nude and pastel shades. The idea here is to do what you have’nt yet tried way back 2014. Another thing to experiment is to try out other brands of make up, colors that you thought wont workーtry it out this New Year.

Dark Smokey Eye for a dramatic look, go for darker smokey eye color, this will open up your eyes and believe me this is eye-catching. Play with your palette and experiment. This look is best when lip color are in shade of peach. Play more of this look by adding some volume to your lashes using mascara. Never ever forget your nail color, try this Bobbie Evening look collection and finalize this look with a light exotic scent of Penhaligon’s London. Reserve this make up look for an evening partyーAnd do not forget to wear your confidence.

Gold + Black Gold lip colorーThis may sound strange and not intended for everyday look, But here’s the thing, you could test your skill by wearing gold lip color, it is up to you if you will wear this bold, light, or mixed with nude color. Gold lip color is great together with fine black eye liner, or you could go bolder. This look are great for brown-skinned woman, If you are on the pale side, adding a touch of bronzer on the temples of your cheeks will emphasize your look. Go Gold + Black on your night out. For more classy look emphasize it with a touch of gold jewelries or accesories.

Never be afraid to try different things out. Life is too short for a boring look.

love, athena

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