7 Beauty Risks You Have To Take

2015/01/img_5611-3.pngPhoto by Gabe Toth

Straight hair-to-curly locks and vice versa Go for curly hair to look more flirty and goddess like, This might be high-maintenance but definitely a must try. There are various of treatments for straight hair to go curly locks such as digital perming that uses a machine or the good old traditional perming. Whichever method you choose, you should take good care of your hair after perming treatments as this will make your hair a bit dry but with special care it is all good. Natural curly hair may look alluring and beautiful but going for straight hair will change your look a lot, the newest treatment on trend is the Brazillian Blowout, that straigthen your locks without making it look flat.

Dye it 2015 is the best year to look your best, forget all the heartbreaks and dramas, it is time for a new youーthe better you, stronger and fiercer. Hair color says more about you, so if you are stuck on dark chocolate or dark ash blonde, go for three to four shades lighter than your usual hair color. For light blonde hair go for brunette. You’ll never know unless you try.

Change the blueprint of your brow If you thought your brows now are the best brows you ever hadーyou are wrong. Visiting a professional could make your look more proportion and well define. Visiting Browhaus Manila is good start [Just remember you have to fully grow your brows before seeing them].

Violet lips + Bold Brows Violet lips could give you a definition of independence, confidence, and self-esteem. You shoudnt be shy wearing vampy hues, Dare your self to look more dramatic. Once you achieved beautifully shaped brows from Browhaus Manila It is time to go on a deeper shade just like Miss Cara Delevigne, Some of us might not be blessed with bold brows like her but with the help of magic wandーBrow pencil, we could achieve what we want.

From skinny jeans to skirt Time to flaunt your legs, whatever skin tone you have just flaunt it. Some of us might have some flaws but everyone is beautiful on its own way. Take your legs to a whole new level by wearing skirt and mini dresses, Emphasize your legs by switching flats to high-heels. Exercise your walk by stacking a few pieces of books on top of the crown of your head. Make your legs hair free by this Phillips Epilator and take good care of your legs and never wax again.

Go Boy Cut Remember Anne Hathaway’s beautiful long hair in her Ella Enchanted? It is indeed beautiful but her stylist went out of the box by cutting it super shortーIt did flatter her. It could flatter you too.

Investing for skin care product Price does not count when it comes to effectivety of a certain product, But without a doubt most skin care products that are expensive are worth investing of. Shiseido White Lucent Range are one of the top products when it comes to cosmetics and skin care.

Could you take one of the beauty risks above? Tell us your story

love, Athena

4 responses to “7 Beauty Risks You Have To Take

  1. I definitely agree investing in skin care product is a great idea. I want tp try one of those electronic face shield looking things (lol I’m not sure what it’s called) it’s like $30 at Target

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