My Top 5 Effective Whitening Soaps

Top5Top 5: Block & White Milk Whitening Soap I’ve used this soap way back college days 2007, I did not except that it would lighten my skin, that all my friends and families noticed my skin got fairer and finer. But sadly, their formulation has changed over the years that it could not make my skin any lighter. Block & White Whitening Soaps has many variants like Block & White Ultima, Block & White Glutathione, Block & White Papaya Soap, etc,. Since their are so many whitening Soaps in the market and online I do not bother to try them, But if their Milk Soap is effective as before then I would swear by this product. Price PHP45-60.00/soap

Top 4: Likas Papaya Herbal Soap I have this friend of mine that exports this Likas Papaya Soap to their beloved friends abroad because of the effectiveness, she say. At first I was skeptic, But when my college friend also swears by this product then I gave it go. Since I was a child I have this unsightly ugly mosquito bite marks on my legs and I could not wear shorts or dress–it is so embarassing! I know, But luckily, way back 2008 my mom put Likas Papaya Herbal Soap and loofah in our toilet’s shelf, without any expectations I used loofah incorporating with Likas papaya soap every bathtime, and it became my routine everyday for almost 2 years, at first I did not notice that my ugly scar marks on my legs dramatically diminishing. Price PHP80.00++/soap


Top 3: Goat’ Milk Soap of Beauty Bar Philippines I was Beauty Bar worm way back 2011, When my subjects aren’t full, I have lots of time strolling in Greenbelt and Beauty Bar was my favorite store to visit. I bought Burt’s Bees Set and this Goat’s Milk Soap. Goat’s Milk Soap are not for whitening thus for emulsifying skin, But after a week or two I noticed an improvement on my skin, it has a healthy glow. I admit this soap is excellent in emulsifying, ligthening, and moisturing skin, But my search for most effective soaps in the planet are not over yet. Price PHP500.00/set of 3 soaps

Top 2: Kojie San Kojic Soap Ever since Watson’s branch opened near at my house I could not help my self to regularly visit them to look for new beauty stuffs, and Watson’s became my personal store when it comes to purchasing toiletries and beauty tools like brushes, tweezers, etc,. I always notice this Kojie san soap because of its japanese inspired packaging, So without second thoughts chased one and tried it. Kojie san has light sweet smell of orange, a bit drying on skin at first, it also micro peel my skin which I foundawesome because it would help to generate new skin cell after a month of using my mom asked me if I drinking any glutathione because my skin whitens, I am happy to the result secretly. The only downtime is when my skin adopt to kojie san formulation, it never peeled again. So i jumped to other brand of kojic soap. Price PHP60.00/soap

Top 1: Beauche International Kojic Soap And my top 1 is Beauche International Kojic Soap, a one of a kind soap because I could use it on my face, and it helped my skin to recover from acne, blackheads, and acne marks, though it is a bit drying when left too long on skin but I do not mind. Now I could face anyone anytime without needing of concealer. I use this also on my body and face until now. Price PHP36.00/soap

Do not forget we are all beautiful no matter what our skin color is.
❤ Athena

17 responses to “My Top 5 Effective Whitening Soaps

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  2. Hi I just want to know if that different soaps are really effective? Is there any side effect or none? I also want to know if how long I can see its effect? Hope you reply. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Hello. . Where do i buy your no.1 recommended soap? How long do i need to wait to see some result? Thanks.

    • Hello there.. I strongly agree with Ms.Athena.. I’ve been using the beauche since 2012 and I am proud to say that it was really effective..It was really effective especially their beauche sets.. Before, I bought it online.. but because of shipping fees, which makes it more mgasto, I look for a branch and I registered to become a legit seller..

  4. Hello there sis!;) I am very curious about beauche soap. I want to give it a try but I am hesitating. I am afraid my pimples will get worse if I’m gonna use it. In your case, how long did you used the beauche soap before you noticed the good effect? And Does it really help to control pimples?😊 Tnx so much!;)

    • Beauche kojic soap is really good ive used it for years and i am relly satisfied since it dried my pimple fast, however i am not expeiencing any breakout now 🙂 and yea it really control pimples and my oiliness hehehe

  5. Hi plz guide me should i use kojic papaya soap or likas…which one is better.if i discontinue this product do it will make my skin black ..after using kojic papaya soap the peeling of skin is generate on while body??is that peel is visible to other?m very scary about to use these products

  6. hello there..!! I am using kojie san for almost 2wks skin peeled off (slightly) & so far i’m happy wid d results..does it help clear blackheads too..?

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