Girl’s Bucket List For 2015

1. See the beautiful islands in Cebu White sand, deep blue beaches, and clear waters who would not be mesmerized by the beautiful Island of Cebu. Truly a mother nature’s gift. Now you know where to spend summer days.djkhfjdhf2. Be a solo backpacker Discover places you have not visited before, meet new people, and explore places on your own. dkjfksdjvk3. Adopt-a-pet I know you love little monsters too, but you are full of doubt, second thoughts has no place this year. Little creatures are longing for tender loving care too, just like us. You will be surprise on how de stressing pets are. They are loyal and love unconditionally. dog4. Shop till you drop! Splurge one time this year, Spoil yourself with new skin care, makeup, dresses and shoes. It may sound impractical but it does not matter weather you shop in a department store or in a boutique. When was the last time you spoil yourself so much? ???????????????????????????????5. Sushi and Barbecue Party with girlfriends Slumber party might be hard to organize because of busy schedules, but their is a sayingーWhen there’s a will, there’s a way. Reunite with girlfriends once in a while by having sushi and barbecue party.ーYummy! Make it unforgetable. jsdfeutretg6. Pray in one of buddhist temple in Thailand It is fulfilling for every individual to see and experience different cultures and beliefs. Thai people are friendly and welcoming, that is why they attract millions of tourists every year. ???????????????????????????????7. Appreciate Art You do not have to go far to see a hall of paintings. Locate nearest Museaum in your city, Art works has a lot of things to say, It could inspire you. painting8. Turn old things into something new Give yourself a reason to visit and find something in the attic, Turning old things into something new could make your creativity explode. How about the old lamp from your great grandmother?, or the old box that could be a bed side table. Surprise yourself by making your creativity at work. What do you think on this old vintage television turned into “telequarium”? I found this so fascinating.sdasdsa

2 responses to “Girl’s Bucket List For 2015

  1. Reblogged this on truefaze and commented:
    This is a really neat bucket list! And just what I’m looking for. I’ve been thinking about adopting a pet this year too. And i just got an aquarium, the tv is a pretty cool idea.

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