Checklist for Packing a Beauty Bags for Travel

If you are like me, you will never be able to enjoy your travel if you are worried about your face and should I say “looks”?. Beauty essentials are not only for home use– Always remember that. That is why there are beauty products that comes in travel size just like My Burst’s Bees Travel Set. Packing your beauty bag carefully and strategically will keep your items organized, keep your look awesome–you’ll be picture perfect, plus you could maximize your time in flight by doing some beauty routine. Who says sitting is all you could do while in flight? If you could make your face ready for #selfie.

Facial Cleansing Foam The no.1 thing a women couldn’t live without. Facial Cleansing Foams are life-savers when we want some facial refreshment. It serves as reset button when we are exposed to dirt, oil, and make up. So never ever leave your house without any facial cleansing foam. For this I am using Clinique Facial Foam.

Face Masks are winner anytime anywhere. Your seat mate might mistaken you as a white ghost but who cares? You’ll get soft and supple skin after some 20 minutes. Not bad at all. For this I am using Radiant & Brightening Moisturizing Facial Mask by Watsons read the review here.

Serum After the arrival at destination place, we are not sure weather we are heading straight to hotel to rest or heading wherever, Packing a serum is a must, this is more potent that moisturizers keeping skin more soft, plumpy and well moisturized throughout the day. For this I am using my Clarins Serum Multi-Reparateur Restructurant (review soon).

Ultra Matte Face Fluid will balance the sebum production on skin while moisturizing–sounds miracle right?. Matte face fluids controls sebum and oil while keeping your skin matte but moisturized. For this I am using my all time favorite Loccitane Ultra Matte Face Fluid.

Facial Sunblock Do not let the sun uv rays spoil your exploring moments, you must protect your skin wherever you are.

Lip Balm Never ever neglect your lips. Take care of it as much as you do to the rest of your body. Lips are women’s asset, it is the first thing that most men notices when starring at women’s faces. Dabbing a lip balm will make your smacker ready for everything. For this I am using my Maybelline Baby Lips.

Long Wear Lip Liner Lip liners are not just only keeping lipsticks from bleeding but they are excellent as substitute lipsticks if you want longer wear. For this I am using my Mac Pro long Wear Lip Liner.

Handy dandy mirror will never tell a lie. I know bigger mirrors are the best but the thing here is, it should be very compact that easy to slip in every pocket. My handy dandy mirror is from Clinique ❤

Book or anything to read. Most of the time, packing a book with you in a travel will help you to rediscover your inner self. I love reading No Body’s Perfect Journal book which I bought 8 years ago from a book fair at school. It is not only something to read but something to think about with yourself.

DSC_8864❤ Athena


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