Thailand Radish Soap Plus +

Good morning kitty cats! Today Ill be sharing you one of the popular soaps in Thailand and is invading Philippine online shops particularly in Instagram. Many online shop owners are importing Thailand beauty products because first they are not expensive unlike korean and japanese brands, second they are effective and not harsh on skin, and third consumers are satisfied on using thai products like this Radish Soap Plus +. So what are the raves about these products? Just continue reading.. DSC_8802 Product Description Radish Soap Plus + Enrich with Glutathione Radish Extract Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Glutathione skin whitening and acne scars, treating rough skin and anti-aging. Vitamin C reduces the degeneration of skin, Helps remove dead skin cells to reveal new skin. Vitamin E heals the skin making it smooth and soft. Radish Extract to relieve skin rashes and mosquito bites.
Packaging I just love the design of the soap box, it reminds me of strawberry shortcake and I found it pretty cute, It also resembles to Beauty Buffet. The soap inside was sealed in a clear plastic.
DSC_8805Ingredients Cocos Nucifera Oil, Fragrance, Glutathione, Hydrogenated palm kernel Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Radish Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Water
The Soap The soap has a rosey pink color with an oval shape and is sealed in a clear plastic, with a rosey pink color. The smell is so lovely it reminds me of a strawberry candy bar. DSC_8806My Experience Using The Product Since I received this Radish Soap Plus + it serves as my toilet soap for my body. I was so excited the first time I used it, Because of its mild, sweet scent of strawberry candy bar. Just like any other soaps around, it lathers well on skin. The Soap is not easy to melt, So it would last you a two week or more. After some several usage, it did not make my skin dry thus, it leaves a soft and moisturized skin but not to the extent you’ll toss your lotion. You still have to lotion each after bath. Since this Radish Soap Plus + has lots of good ingredients in it, I noticed it made my mosquito bite mark lighter and less noticeable.
Pros Very affordable Php60/box. It has so many skin benefits it is like medicated soap. Not drying and harsh on skin. Excellent in making your skin soft and moisturized. It lightens mosquito bites.
Cons Only available in online shops. Nothing more.
Price Php60.00/$1.50/Baht35 Quantity 70g Where to buy Online Shops in Instagram @prelovedbymeonlineshop

What do you think of this Radish Soap Plus +? Does it look promising to you? Will you give it a try? Let us hear your thoughts by commenting down below.

13 responses to “Thailand Radish Soap Plus +

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  2. Hello! Can I ask something. Have u experienced a tingling sensation after using the soap..? I have tried using the raddish soap 2, but i stopped using it because after 3 washes I felt an unusual feeling, I am like pricked, and I feel hot like I haVe sunburn and it makes my skin so dry.. Is it a normal reaction? Or what.. I haven’t seen or read any reviews on raddish soap 2.. I’m actually thinking ’bout I may have bought a fake raddish soap.. Hope for a reply 😥

    • Hi belle, you are not alone, as you can see above, in the prevuous comments, some users experienced tingling and drying of skin too, but for me i havent experience any of those because first, i make lather on my palm (this will lessen the abrasive of the soap) then rub on my face as quickly as I can, and rise it off right away. Maybe you are leaving it on your skin for too long? Is it?

      • Hi there! I think lathering it directly to the skin is the reason why I experienced those. I think.. Maybe 😄..

        Nope, I only leave it on my skin for 2 minutes..then rinse..Anyways, I’m using the vampire soap and gluta pure now,,and it’s so effective! 😀😀

      • In my opinion 2 minutes is quite drying on skin. Make it less than a minute. So it wont strip the natural moisture in your skin :). Good to hear i love gluta pure soap too.

  3. hi! can I know how many times/how long have you used it until you noticed your bite mark gone?
    do you think it will work for another scar too? thank you!

  4. Mas effective po ang sabon na yan pag sinamahan ng radish cream. Nakaka-lighten tlga siya ng bagong peklat.😊👍

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