Ever Bilena Blush Me Blusher

Blush ons comes in different shades, brands, and forms. Sure cream/tint blush lasts longer on skin, however powder blush could give sheer, silky and fresh finish too. Powder blushes has a wide range of shades, from subtle to vibrant. That is why powder blushes will always have a space in my heart and make up case. Not all quality powder blushes are expensive, some of them can be seen in the drugstores–And a good example for this is the EB Ever Bilena Blush Me! Blusher.
Everbilena Blush Me Blusher Review


Packaging I like the packaging concept, however, for me EB does not execute this very well. If they could only improve this then I’ll collect them all. This is one of the downside of this Ever Bilena Blush Me! Blusher. The packaging is clear plastic tube-like with a stiff brush, To dispense the product it has to be shaken downwards, If done too much, application would be thick and sometimes it could be messy. So you have to be very careful. And one more thing do not twist the lower cap.

Everbilena Blush Me Blusher ReviewNote Do not twist the lower cap, If you are a curious cat (like me) that wants to see what’s inside, Do not even think about it, or else it’ll create a mess–ya know what I mean.

Everbilena Blush Me Blusher ReviewShade Lovejoy Blush Me! is the drugstore counterpart of one of Nars Blush On. It’s subtle rosey shade will surely flatter every skin color from dark brown-medium brown-light tone. As you can see from the picture below, a sample swatch (very light application) of EB Ever Bilena Blush Me! Blusher gives a natural radiant glow–which is ideal for me since I love no makeup-makeup look. Other shades available: Oasis, and Madly.
Everbilena Blush Me Blusher ReviewStaying Power Since this Everbilena Blush Me! Blusher is in loose powder form, It helps my skin to lessen oil production, however for my skin type it doesn’t last long, I have to reapply every 2-3 hours. But if your skin is not that oily then it would last longer than that.

Everbilena Blush Me Blusher ReviewPros Very affordable brand of makeup. Available in (3) Shades: Lovejoy, Oasis, and Madly. Available at leading drugstores, Supermarkets, Department Stores Nationwide. Shades is formulated especially to filipina skin.

Cons Its packaging, aside from that nothing more.

What do you think of Ever Bilena Blush Me Blusher? Have you tried these before? Let me hear from you by commenting down below. for beauty questions just message me in my facebook page. Goodluck!




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