DIY At Home Waxing without wax warmerInspired by my previous post I DO MY OWN BRAZILIAN WAXESMY JOURNEY, Yes I’ve been doing my own Brazilian waxes for almost 3 years, I also tried using MY PHILIPS EPILATOR down there but I still prefer the traditional hot wax. I come up with an idea of sharing my technique on DIY/HOW TO HOT WAX AT HOME WITHOUT WAX WARMER. Wax warmer is an investment if you want to feel like a PRO. But since I’ve been using candle as my heat source for melting the wax and never had a problem with it―except for its little mess,  I did not mind buying my own wax warmer ever. Waxing requires an itsy bitsy skill to effectively use hot wax for hair removal which you will acquire over time. You do not just slap the wax on and pull it off, waxing is not a 10 min marathon, it takes time and gut since it is a bit terrifying, yes it is really terrifying, but did you know that 4 million woman undergo waxing process?―and did you know that this statitics I mentioned is just my crazy guess (LOL!) so nothing to worry about―GIRL POWER!

DIY At Home Waxing without wax warmer

I’ll be using Glam Works Hair Removal Hot wax Kit and Glam Works Hair Removal Paper. Hair Removal Glam Works Hair Removal Hair Wax Kit Includes 50 grams Hot Wax, Spatula, and Melting Pan.
DIY At Home Waxing without wax warmer


Exfoliate the area of skin you want to wax one day prior to waxing, using body scrub or loofah to get rid of that layer of dead skin. Exfoliation will help pores to open up for easy pulling of hair and will help the wax to adhere properly. I like using my BOUTIQUE BODY SCRUB BY GRACE COLE.

Once you’re ready, wash the area with gentle soap and water. Refrain from using lotion/body oil the day you are planning to wax as this will affect the wax’s ability to adhere.


  1. Hot Wax Kit- For this I am using Glam Works Hair Removal Hot Wax Price PHP60.00 Net Weight 50 grams Where to Buy Watson’s, Leading Supermarket/Department Stores
  2. Hair Removal Paper- For this I am using Glam Works Hair Removal Paper, Price PHP20.00 Quantity 12 Sheets Where to Buy Watson’s, Leading Supermarket/Department Stores
  3. Candle- Make sure it fits to in the glass, This will be our heat source in substitute of wax warmer.
  4. Glass/Candle Holder- any unused glass or candle holder will do
  5. A piece of cardboard- recycling cereal/milk boxes is better
  6. A pair of scissors
  7. Lighter/Match
  8. Wooden Popsicle Stick or Spatula (If not included in Hair Wax Kit)

Note: Make sure to place the candle and glass on a safe spot like table (Not on your bed) and away from flammable materials.

DIY At Home Waxing without wax warmer


  1. Cut the Hair Removal Paper by small strips or according to the size that you will need.
  2. (a) Cut a piece of cardboard same size of melting pan, this will serve as a coaster of melting pan. (b) Cut a piece of cardboard box and fold it thrice, this will serve as pan holder to protect your finger while melting the hot wax.
  3. Lit the candle and place it inside the glass or on to candle holder.
  4. Hold the melting pan (make sure to use the pan holder) on top of the candle. Heat the wax for the time recommended on the hot wax label, as different brand of waxes will require different heating times. Usually hot wax must reach the temperature of 125- and 140-degrees Fahrenheit.Wait for the wax to melt.  For the brand of hot wax I am using Glam Works— I always wait for honey-like consistency, not too runny and just comfortable for my skin.
  5. When the wax is melted, use the Popsicle stick/spatula to scoop out melted wax and if this is your first time, dab a small amount of melted wax inside your wrist, if it is not too hot for you then proceed to the area you wish to wax.
  6. Spread the wax onto the unwanted hair using the spatula/popsicle stick. Apply the hot wax first in the direction the hair is growing, then go back over it in the opposite direction. The layer of wax on your skin should be about the thickness of a nickel, not too thick and not too thin.
  7. Wait about 5 seconds for the wax to set and place a wax strip on top of it by pressing down gently. Wait for a minute until the wax harden and ready to be pull off.
  8. Lift the end of the wax off your skin using your hand’s thumb and forefinger. Pull the wax off in one quick motion in the opposite direction of the hair growth.  Repeat this process on the other areas of your skin. Avoid waxing the same area more than thrice, as this can lead to skin irritation or burned skin. NOTE: Use tweezers to pull off any stubborn hairs.
  9. After waxing is completely done, wipe the skin that had been waxed with cotton ball soaked in baby oil to remove any wax residue.
  10. Rub a small amount of aloe vera gel onto the freshly waxed skin to soothe the area. Do not wet the skin that had been waxed within 24 hours.


It is a must to apply Azulene Oil or Aloe Vera Gel to soothes the skin post-waxing. Do not pick at any wax residue, Just wipe it with cotton ball soaked in baby oil, if the wax is too strong, let it slough off naturally to avoid further skin irritation. Avoid swimming, tanning, hot tubs, right after you wax to minimize the chance of getting an infection or irritation. Keep skin dry and clean. For more POST-WAXING TLC and How to prevent ingrown hair read here.


What is your favorite hair removal method? Have you ever tried at-home waxing? If so how was it? Share to us your waxing tips by commenting down below. Goodluck



  1. Tip: For hassle free warming (and re-warming since the wax will easily cool down) of the wax, heat it up those wax pans in a toaster oven. It’s easy and safe because there’s are no candles (fire) involved. Just make sure you line the toaster oven tray (and maybe the surroundings of the toaster oven) with foil. I tend to be very clumsy and spill some wax on our toaster oven. And wax is difficult to clean!

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