Beauty Secret Acne Body Clear Soap Review

Thai Beauty Products are invading online shops here in the Philippines, left and right they were every time I open my instagram account, thanks to prelovedbymeonlineshop for sending me some love from Thailand. She is so generous to let me try and see it for myself. As far as I have tried other Thai Beauty Soaps they are all good, no problem at all. Girls loves to try different things from boyfriend―OOps kidding! to dresses, shoes, hobbies, makeup, books, and this beauty soaps, it is all worth giving a try.DSC_8820


Brings back your smooth, clear and acne-free back. All dark spots from pimples will be removed by the ACNE BODY CLEAR SOAP, The ACNE BODY CLEAR SOAP is an anti-bacterial soap that helps diminish acne that causes dark spots. It has natural ingredients that can help to reduce pimple, scar and moisturized your skin effectively.




Cocoa nucifera oil, Fragrance, Ginseng Extract, Glutathione, Hydrogenated palm kernel oil, Lactic acid, Oryza sativa (Rice) bran oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Water


Lather all over your body/face and leave it for 5-10 minutes and then rinse off. Use Acne Body Clear Soap each and every bath.



I like the box design so much as well as the logo of Beauty Secret 4. It is very girly and chic. It does not look cheap, well in fact it is only PHP80.00/$2. It is has a Benefit-ish/Beauty Buffet design that I found it so very cute.


Just like any other Thailand beauty soaps like Radish Soap, Snail Soap, this Acne Body Clear Soap smells good too. It is sealed in a clear plastic to keep from moisture, which is a very good thing for me. Acne Body Clear Soap is rectangular shape in form, and has a  yellowish color.


Acne Body Clear Soap by Beauty Secret 4 has a bubble gum flavor scent, it reminds me of cotton candies and slurpies. The scent gave me an experience of fabulously fresh and clean feeling each and every bath. Of all Thailand Beauty Soaps that I received, this one is my most favorite, second is Radish Soap



Acne Body Clear Soap is included in my list of― 2000 Soaps I have tried LOL! It is really fun trying out different beauty brands/stuffs, there is nothing with it, it is not crime either, we just have to be cautious, do some research, ask your girlfriends opinion, etc,. This Acne Body Clear Soap is my 4th post of review about Thailand Famous Beauty Soaps in the Philippines, I did not have any problems with the soap in fact I love them all, anyhoo going back to Acne Body Clear Soap, since I do not have any “bacne” or “acne on the skin of a person’s back” and acne on face, i could not attest if it really works effectively on acne, aside from that Acne Body Clear Soap has some good qualities too, so I’ll just stick to it, It is not drying on skin, It does not strip my natural oils so much unlike other soaps that is so drying that leads to itchiness. I love the scent so much, it is so bubblegum-ish I wanna eat it―Just kidding!. Scent on the soap is a big factor to me, I love stepping out of shower smelling like a candy, so for me it is really fun using this soap.


It is not drying on skin. No stinging sensation even if i left it too long on my skin. It does not strip my natural oils so much. My skin feels well moisturized after bath. Mild and gentle on skin. I so so love its bubblegum flavor scent.


 It is not available in Philippine Local Market. Nothing more.


Acne Body Clear Soap is worth giving a try, I am not just so sure on its acne fighting properties but this soap is surely mild and gentle, it will not give you any break outs.


Have you tried this Acne Body Clear Soap? If so how was it? or any other soap from Thailand? Me and readers would love to hear from you.

❤ Athena

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