Cenovis Vitamin C Review ―My Secret for Great Skin

Sweet noon lovely readers! Summer is everywhere here in Philippines and I am lovin’ it. Most of my weeks are spent in―nowhere else but here in MANILA! I wish I have lots of my time to go beachin and sport my latest swimwears, But I think I’ll just gonna stay in the metro for any events and meet my fellow bloggers again. Anyhoo, my post for today is all about my latest supplement which is Vitamin C, and I’m gonna talk about the benefits of C in my/our skin and I hope you girls share your thoughts and experience regarding this vitamin―I love hearing from you. Cenovis is the brand of Vitamin C I am taking right now which was gave me by my precious girlfriend from Australia, I have been taking this for over a month and so far there are amazing results, what are those? just read on.


PRICE Cenovis Vitamin C 250mg Chewable 100 Tablets $3.99/PHP170.00 WHERE TO BUY Leading Drugstores in Australia or Website Online Store CHEMIST WAREHOUSE


  • Vitamin C 250mg, Orange Flavour. Cenovis Vitamin C 250mg may assist in the management of colds by reducing the severity and duration of symptoms. Vitamin C may assist wound healing and tissue repair. As Vitamin C is not stored in the body, regular intake is desirable.
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is required for tissue growth and repair, adrenal function and healthy gums. It protects against the harmful effects of pollution, infection and enhances immunity.
  • Essential in the formation of collagen and connective tissue, vitamin C protects against blood clotting and bruising, and promotes the healing of wounds and the production of antistress hormones.


Each Chewable Tablet Contains: Ascorbic Acid 150mg and Sodium Ascorbate 112.5mg equiv. to Ascorbic acid 100mg. AUST L 53666 Dietary Supplement

Contains no added yeast, lactose, artificial flavours or preservatives, dairy -products or animal-derived products. Contains glucose, saccharin sodium and gluten from maltodextrin derived from wheat.


Adults chew 4 tablets daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Children over 2 years chew 1/2 to 1 tablet daily. Not to be used by children under two years of age without medical advice. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Vitamin supplements should not be replace a balanced diet.

As you can see from the picture above, the supplement’s container is in lightweight plastic which makes it easy to carry and an easy to open pop up lid―be sure to keep it out of reach of children.


Each tablet contains Ascorbic Acid 150mg and Sodium Ascorbate 112.5mg Equivalent to 250mg. It has a light orange color and the orange flavoring makes it taste great―as though you are eating a lolly.


I like anything chewable, especially if it tastes orange. I take this supplement 3-4 tablets a day together with a Collagen Drink. According to the information I gathered before vitamin c is responsible for repairing and building of collagen in our body, After a month and so of taking Cenovis Vitamin C, I could see a difference on my skin, it became more glowing and it reduces the dullness of my skin. According to whiterskin.info high doses of vitamin c could boost our natural glutathione levels. The collagen drink also helps my skin appearance, but taking vitamin c alone is good enough. I also notice some improvements in my health, I rarely catch a cold and it enhances my immune system.


  • Tablets are chewable―it got orange lolly taste
  • Effective
  • Affordable supplement for only $3.99/PHP170.00
  • It makes my skin blooming and glowing
  • Vitamin C helps my Collagen Drink more productive and effective
  • Effectively boosts my immune system
  • Cheap but quality products as most Cenovis product are


  • Only available in Australia
  • No Cenovis distributor in my country Philippines―so sad!


If you do not know someone from Australia to buy you these supplement, its alright, any brand of vitamin c will do. I used to take Rhea Vitamin C (PHP130.00) before but I like the effect of this Cenovis Vitamin C more. Considering health and skin benefits taking Vitamin C in high dose can do the trick, but to be sure ask your medical practitioner if you have any concerns in taking vitamin c.


Have you considered vitamin c as skin lightening? Share your thoughts by commenting down below. I love hearing from you ladies.

❤ Athena

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