Perfect Brows By Everbilena Kleopatra Eyebrow Liner

Goodmorning Philippines! and to the rest in the world. As you can see I am still working on writing reviews of everbilena products some of my finished reviews are Everbilena Blusher Blush Me and Everbilena Apple Blossom. So today I’ll be writing about Everbilena’s Eyebrow pencil, KLEOPATRA to be exact, since they have different kinds of eyebrow pencil in store. Kleopatra Eyebrow pencil is a steal in my opinion―affordable, easy to apply, and medium lasting power for a price of PHP100.00/$2.

Full, well groomed eyebrows and a fine eyebrow pencil can frame your face perfectly; it also define your eyebrow’s arch; But choosing eyebrow pencil can be tricky for some – it might be too dark or too light for your skin tone or hair color, yes you heard it right, you must consider your hair color too on choosing “the perfect eyebrow pencil”. I started from drugstore eyebrow pencils before and honestly they are good as the expensive one though it does not have much colors to choose from. EB Everbilena Kleopatra Eyebrow pencil – I love this just like my Mac. For most people, Medium brown shade will work.

EVERBILENA KLEOPATRA EYEBROW LINEREverbilena Kleopatra Review PRICE PHP100.00/$2.00 WHERE TO BUY Watsons, SM Department and Supermarkets, Robinson’s Department and Supermarket, Leading Drugstores and convenience stores nationwide (7 eleven).Everbilena Kleopatra ReviewTHE BLENDING BRUSH Not all eyebrow liners comes with a blending brush. Good thing Everbilena Kleopatra Eyebrow liner has a blending brush attached on its pencil cap, just like spoolie ; making application more precise, thus giving a natural look.Everbilena Kleopatra Review THE PENCIL Just like any other eyebrow pencil, it has a soft color – eyebrow friendly, easy to sharpen with any kind of sharpener, tough and unbreakable.Everbilena Kleopatra ReviewTHE SHADE Everbilena Kleopatra compliments the skin tone of most filipina because it has medium brown hue and it could be darker or lighter depending on your desired saturation. When applied and blended on eyebrows it has a beautiful taupe shade without a bronzy undertone.
Everbilena Kleopatra Review Everbilena Kleopatra Review

STAYING POWER Everbilena Kleopatra Eyebrow Pencil can last the whole day, if your skin is not that oily and if you will not rub your face.

HAVE YOUR SAY What do you think of this Everbilena Kleopatra Eyebrow Pencil? Is it worth giving a try?

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