Luxurious Coffee Body Scrub

IMG_9275 I only drink coffee occasionally, but when I do it is just for socializing with my friends or family. For others, coffee is a part of life― A morning ritual, but not for me, there are times I feel dizzy whenever I drink one―I do not know if there are any scientific or medical explanation for this or is it just me? I know there are desirable side effects of caffeine to our body, especially when applied directly on our skin, which tightens and provides anti-oxidant to the skin. When applied religiously with some help of body workouts and good diet, it has been proven to reduce the appearance of so unsightly cellulite―over time. There are lots of ingredients that you could mix n’ match with coffee grounds, but here I combine coffee grounds with moisturizing, emulsifying olive oil or coconut oil and the coffee grounds itself for exfoliating kick. You won’t believe how this mixture smell so good.

Rub and scrub those dimples away―Bye Bye! Cellulite! Hello! Swimsuit ready flawless skin!


  • 1 cup coffee grounds- I just get my coffee grounds from Starbucks for FREE―Insert twinkling eye here. They are happy to give their used coffee grounds as this will help them to decrease their waste. I am not sure of the other coffee shops if they give away their used coffee grounds―Just ask.
  • 3-6 tbsp of Olive Oil- See my review of Olive Oil here. I used cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • or Coconut Oil- I used Virgin Coconut Oil, I purchased from South Star Drug PHP199.00
  • Empty bowl or Jar- Here is where you will mix all the ingredients
  • Spoon or Popsicle Stick- Use for stirring and application
  • Dry brush (optional)

IMG_9286STEP 1 Measure 1 cup of ground coffee and put to an empty bowl. Remember you can add more coffee grounds depending on the amount that you need.

STEP 2 If you will use coconut oil and it is in a solid state, melt the coconut oil in the microwave or in a pan for few seconds. Measure 3-6 tablespoons and add to the coffee grounds. If you rather choose olive oil measure 3-6 tablespoons and add to the coffee grounds. NOTE: You can combine olive oil and coconut oil in your mixture.
IMG_9292STEP 3 Use the spoon or Popsicle stick to stir. Mix well

STEP 4 OPTIONAL: Before getting in the shower to use your mixture, use your dry brush first to stimulate blood flow and pre-exfoliate your skin. Focusing on the the problem areas such as thighs, tummy, arms and all over your body lightly.
IMG_9295STEP 5 After the dry brushing session, apply and rub your coffee ground mixture to areas with cellulite and dry skin. Massage and rub in a circular motion―Not too vigorously. Once you achieve the softness of skin that you like rinse with warm water―this could help the oil to emulsify on your skin.

STEP 6 You could clean your body with soap after scrubbing your skin, if you do not like the idea of oil on skin, but for me I prefer to clean my skin first with my gentle soap prior to coffee scrubbing, I love to walk around with a bit oil on my skin.


Do you scrub daily to your bath time? Do you love using coffee grounds as your scrub? How do you make it a relaxing experience? Oils? Loofah? Tell us what you think.

Athena ❤

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