Top Brands of Kojic Soaps in The Philippines

1. Royal Kojic Papaya Soap This is one of the best soaps I have tried so far and the price is expensive when compared to other brand of kojic Soap. This product is exclusively distributed by Royal Business Club International. What I like on this product is not drying, i love the smell similar to a sweet orange. This is one of the effective whitening soaps I have tried before. One more thing I love about this product is not easy to melt unlike the other brand. Price PHP180.00/$4.50dfsdf

2. Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap Like what I have mentioned in my previous post My Top 5 Effective Whitening Soap: Ever since Watson’s branch opened near at my house I could not help my self to regularly visit them to look for new beauty stuffs, and Watson’s became my personal store when it comes to purchasing toiletries and beauty tools like brushes, tweezers, etc,. I always notice this Kojie san soap because of its japanese inspired packaging, So without second thoughts chased one and tried it. Kojie san has light sweet smell of orange, a bit drying on skin at first, it also micro peel my skin which I foundawesome because it would help to generate new skin cell after a month of using my mom asked me if I drinking any glutathione because my skin whitens, I am happy to the result secretly. The only downtime is when my skin adopt to kojie san formulation, it never peeled again. So i jumped to other brand of kojic soap. Price PHP60.00/soapkojiesan2_zpsc93989bd

3. Beauche Face & Body Kojic Soap Like what I have mentioned in my previous post My Top 5 Effective Whitening Soap: Beauche International Kojic Soap, a one of a kind soap because I could use it on my face, and it helped my skin to recover from acne, blackheads, and acne marks, though it is a bit drying when left too long on skin but I do not mind. Now I could face anyone anytime without needing of concealer. I use this also on my body and face until now. Price PHP36.00/soap


4. Diana Stalder Kojic Soap I saw this brand somewhere before, I am not sure, At first I do not intend to try because I am contented on Royal Kojic Soap and Beauche Kojic Soap but since someone sent me a package containing Diana Stalder products I obliged myself to see it myself. After some weeks of using, my skin got a bit dry but I noticed when I am on a broad daylight my skin glows. You just need a tons of moisturizer to combat dry skin and sunblock so it will not cause darkening.goodpapaya11

5. CY Gabriel Kojic Soap with Glutathione Some girls swears by this product Cy Gabriel Bleaching Soap, I haven’t tried any CY Gabriel Soaps even this kojic Soap, I just want to include this Cy Gabriel kojic Soap in my list because one of my beloved neighbor been using this for almost 3 months and I noticed some improvements on her skin tone. 81m5WeQUg0L._SL1500_

6. Belo Kojic Tranexamic Acid Soap I’ve tried this product once, the bar soap is so thin, only 3/4 inch I guess, And since I havent used this continuously I do not know if this could give you a nice fair glow. What I like on this product, it won’t dry your skin– a plus points. If I will have a chance to buy this soap again I would. This product is a must try. Price 60.00++

Belo-Kojic-body-bar-500x500❤ Athena

4 responses to “Top Brands of Kojic Soaps in The Philippines

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  2. Hi ms Athena. I just read this article and im happy to know that you like our soap. And i like what you write about it. I hope you’re still using Royale Kojic Soap.

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