Snail Soap by Pure White Review

Slime might be the last thing you’d want to put on your skinーEven me! but in the name of beauty I will conquer all. Would you put snail slime on your face in the name of beauty? There a lot of bizzare things you could put on your face like Nightingale Bird Poop, bee venom and now this snail slime. Snail extract has been recognized long way back in Ancient Greece as an ingredient that reduces inflammation and regenerative properties. Snail extract has a lot of benefits for our skin, it has nutrients like hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, antimicrobial and copper peptides, and proteoglycans. That is why snail cremes are popular in Korea, Thailand, Japan, Philippines and throughout the world. Thanks to technology, We could enjoy the beauty benefits of snail extract in various form like Snail Slime Serum, Snail Cream, Snail facial foam, Snail Face Masks, etc, and this Snail Soap by Pure White Made in Thailand.

Snail Soap Product Description Formulated to solve skin problems. Snail Soap is formulated from natural extracts. Keeping skin smooth, soft, lighter, and firmer. Excellent in controlling oil on face
Ingredients Cocos Nucifera Oil, Sesamum Indicum Sedd Oil, Aloe Barbadensis, Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Snail Secretion Filtrate, Tocopherol, Retinol, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance.
Price PHP85.00/$2 Net weight 70gramsWhere to buy Instagram account: @prelovedbymeonlineshop DSC_8818The Soap Aside from its box packaging Snail Soap by Pure White is wrapped in a white plastic to prevent the product from moist and deterioration and to seal the fragrant. Snail Soap by Pure White is formed in a circle shape with very light pink color. DSC_8819
My Experience Using The Product Just like Radish Soap it has a very lovely smell that I really love and enjoy. The smell couldn’t last too long on the skin but I dont mind since soap’s fragrance aren’t that strong to linger on skin. Next is the lathering part, just like any other soap it lathers very well on my skin, Just make sure to wet enough your skin. And my favorite part is incorporating this with loofah to maximize the cleansing and exfoliating effect (since I am experiencing ingrown hairs on my legs, it is important to keep it clean and well exfoliated). When it comes to the effects on skin I love its moisturizing properties, plus it is not harsh on skin, no stinging sensation. As for its anti-aging benefits I couldnt give a final thought because it is my first time to use Snail Soap by Pure White, but according to other raves and reviews it is an awesome product since it has no harmful ingredients. This product is worth giving a try if you love affordable yet effective skin care.
Pros I love the smell so much, not overpowering. Moisturizing on skin but still needs a lotion after shower. My skin looks fair and healthy because of its snail extract. Lathers well on skin.
Cons Not available in Philippine local market.

Have you ever tried this Snail Soap by Pure White? Let me hear your thoughts about this snail soap.


73 responses to “Snail Soap by Pure White Review

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  2. i tried the snail soap, and it has a stinging effect on me… my chicks turn red, then pink then my dark spots is a bit lighter… it has a really nice effect.
    the sting feel does not really last long.

  3. i look like putting make up on my upper cheecks cos they are pinkish red. it does have a stinging sensation like small needles pinching it as the days go i see less oily my face but the stinging sensation is still there i think its killing the bad cells that keeps my face from acne and oily.. i see my face less oily and whitens. I dont care about the stinging sansation as long as it kills my pimples and helps fade away

    • Hi jael, yes to some snail soap has stinging sensation. Just use the soap less than a minute to minimize the tingling. Good to hear that snail soap is working for you 🙂

  4. caqn you help me wher to buy this products? i am near seacon square srinakarin, thanks for the help

  5. Hi i’m a snail soap user. I only use it on my face. Does the snail soap also whitens the skin? I want to try it on my body. But if you have a soap that whitens the skin please tell me i’m a sure buyer.

    • Hi audrey! I do not sell products, Im just writing a review out of it. Snail soap and the other thai product was given by instagram account: prelovedbymeonlineshop check her on ig :). Regarding to snail soap, it did lighten my skin. But if you want more than just whitening, you could try to use beauche set because it has a peeling process.

    • hi gilbt, of course it could be use by men. im just not sure if there are online shops based in dubai that carries snail soap, since snail soap is from thailand.

  6. I just started to use the snail soap 3days ago, and it has no stinging effect on me. I used it 3 times a day. As a result my face becomes smoother and the dark spots lighten within just 3days.

  7. Love the review! I bought one too! Ask ko lang yung prang stinging na feeling, normal lang po ba yun? Or sign na sensitive skin ko? Itutuloy ko pa po bang gamitin yung Snail Soap? Or Once pag daytime and yung Tofu (i bought another soap) at night?

  8. Hello! I’m a user of snail soap. I think it is effective in lightening pimple marks. I often have pimples especially during the time of the month. I’m just wondering, this product is from Thailand but why there is Korean written on the soap? It is effective for me, though.

  9. I tried to use this product last saturday,then after 2 days, I have seen that my pimples get faded,my pores suddenly disappear,my skin gets smooth and it lighten my dark spots.It also lessened the oil on my face.I also like the fragrance of this soap.Its just the sides of my nose getting itchy everytime I wash my face.But as long as it helps to remove my blemishes,I will use it 🙂

  10. I tried to use this product last saturday,then after 2 days, I have seen that my pimples get faded,my pores suddenly disappear,my skin gets smooth and it lighten my dark spots.It also lessened the oil on my face.I also like the fragrance of this soap.Its just the sides of my nose getting itchy everytime I wash my face.But as long as it helps to remove my blemishes,I will use it 🙂 🙂

  11. hi po parang may stinging ang effect sakin dpt po ba istop ko n totally ang paggmit pero base on my observation po nwala oily ng fAce ko at ngminimize ung pores ng skin ko pati scarry scars s face ko ask lng po gnn po b effect nya medyo stinging sensation pero after nun nwwla n kaso super dry po s face anu po b marecommend nyo mosturizer .thanks po

  12. I have some hyperpigmentation on ny cheeks due to my previous acne, do you think snail soap could help me eliminate this?

  13. Hi Athena, thanks for shedding light on snail soap and its benefit. Just an additional info, there is a local brand of snail soap available in the Philippines. You can check Orson Snail Soap in South Star Drug Store.

    • Hi sis jane, wow i didnt know there is a snail soap available at south star drug store. I need to have them :p and might right a review on it 🙂 thanks for the idea dear

  14. I’ve been using this brand of snail soap for almost a month now. ginagamit ko sya na kagaya lang ng ibang sabon na mabibili mo. walang babad for two minutes na anek. the initial effect sa mukha ko is good but nung mauubos na yung sabon, may lumabas na na mga maliliit na bukol bukol (hindi pimples) sa pisngi, lalo na sa mouth area. bumili ulit ako ng dalawa kasi baka mawala lang yung mga bukol. maganda sana kasi may tightening sensation xa after use na iisipin mo na lumiliit yung pores mo, but disappointingly, dumagdag lalo yung pimples ko. right now, i’m still using it, hoping na lalabas na yung promised na “magagndang effects” ng continual use of this product. after a month na wala pa rin, I’m quitting this soap. Sayang kasi ang ganda nung initial reaction ng face ko sa sabon na to pero ba’t ganun? haaaaaay.

    miss athenasaxena, mali po ba ang paggamit ko?

    • Hi sis donna, i think tama naman yung procedure mo, i dont leave it on my skin that too long depends na lang if its on my body. Maybe you got those bumps with some other reasons. Like make up, hormones, etc. when it feels like im getting bumps and pimples I will switch to cetaphil for a while.

  15. Hello po. I bought my snail soap at Pop Culture in trinoma. It has a different design on its box plus P65 lang siya. Napadaan kasi kami ng kaptid ko then sabi ng seller try ko daw bcos i have a lot of pimples. Should I trust this? Wala naman sigurong fake snail soap diba? Thanks po

  16. Gud day sis! I am a reseller of thailand soap and it is directly from thailand my dealer ordered it there.. User din aq sis una tofu soap gamit q and nakakalighten xa. Then now i’ll try snail soap. Tatanung q lng kung pwd b ito sa katawan sis? Sna sagutn mo tnx!

  17. I am going to try to use this product. I don’t have any pimples on my face but I have black heads. I’ll give an update after 1 week using this product. I hope it works 🙂

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